Senior Software Engineer

Due to rapid growth, we are seeking to expand our CLIMATIG team and we are looking for a Senior Software Engineer.

Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Experience: 3+ years of experience



If you join the CLIMATIG team, your key missions will include:

  • testing and refactoring code already used in existing project
  • time profiling and optimizing code
  • implementing and testing scientific models
  • working autonomously and pragmatically
  • team management
  • develop, optimize and update software for:
    – data collection, preparation and visualization
    – testing and validation of existing solutions
    – monitoring of contracts and associated data
  • support, test and correct the tools of:
    – continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD)
    – data storage
    – version management of scrips, codes, languages and computer systems
    – modularization and containerization of IT solutions
    – connection to external and internal API’s
  • to participate in:
    – the assessment and definition of user needs
    – modelling the risks of underlying contracts
  • the choice of technical solutions
    – improving the skills of technical staff
    – managing the access and rights of users of internal tools
  • strong knowledge in C# and NET
  • good knowledge in QGIS
  • good knowledge in React and PostgreSQL
  • strong engineering background
  • interested in weather and natural perils modelling (wildfires, hail, river flood, sea level rise etc)
  • eagerness to solve complex problems and technical challenges
  • strong desire to learn and commitment to the organization’s mission
  • motivated to help improving businesses and communities’ resilience to climate change
If you're looking for an opportunity to grow your skills, be a part of collaborative and innovative startup environment, and make a positive impact on the world, apply now and join the CLIMATIG team.

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