Should you invest in Climate Intelligence?

Climate Intelligence (CI) is the historical, current, and predictive information on our natural and built systems to power insights for climate mitigation and adaptation. 

In other words, CI can be defined as the data analysis of climate information to understand what affects climate, how climate is changing, and how those changes affect our society and economy.

Why invest in Climate Intelligence?

Climate Intelligence (CI) is backed with an immense volume of reliable data through machine learning and artificial intelligence. CI allows stakeholders to take measures on alleviating the effects of climate risks and adapting to climate change by providing accurate predictions powered by smart data. 

CLIMATIG is a climate tech company that uses CI to address climate change.

CLIMATIG uses expert-led climate science, machine learning, and AI to give the most precise risk calculations for climate hazards up to the year 2100.

CLIMATIG provides accurate data and forecasts to protect your assets against climate risks. The startup allows the company to prevent massive loss of investments when hit by climate hazards. CLIMATIG will help business owners and investors assess climate risks, and produce comprehensive reports and presentations on the complex concepts of climate science. Because of CLIMATIG, business owners and investors can focus on more important tasks and make smarter decisions based on science-backed data


Climate change is the most pressing problem faced by all of us today. We cannot expect the government alone to solve it. Market-based solutions will be essential: technologies and products that drive global decarbonization by creating economic value, gaining mass adoption and generating compelling returns on investment. 

Climate tech startups like CLIMATIG use CI to help every individual make smarter decisions based on accurate data.

CLIMATIG can particularly calculate the cost of climate risks for your assets without having to spend countless hours on research.

“As a driving force of innovation, creativity and making the impossible possible, technology is essential to enable and accelerate transformation at the scale and pace required,” said Lucette Demets, head of sustainability at London & Partners.


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