How a Climate Intelligence Platform Can Transform your Business

Climate change is accelerating so as climate science innovations. The impacts of climate change have substantial socio-economic effects across the globe.

Climate technologies provide solutions to GHG emissions and address the severe impacts of climate change.

Businesses need climate technologies like climate intelligence to have a deeper understanding of climate change, take advanced measures against extreme weather events and plan for future growth. 

What is climate intelligence?

Climate Intelligence (CI) is generated through the gathering and analysis of an immense volume of data through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Simply, CI uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to arrive at accurate predictions and forecasts to alleviate the adverse effects of climate hazards. 

What is a climate intelligence platform?

Climate Intelligence platform is utilizing (CI) to empower business owners, investors, and even ordinary citizens through comprehensive data on climate science that will help them understand how climate change can affect their livelihood, community, and families. 

CLIMATIG is a climate intelligence platform that uses expert-led climate science, machine learning, and AI to give the most precise risk calculations for climate hazards up to 2100.

What makes a great climate intelligence platform?

A great climate intelligence platform is accessible to everyone. 

CLIMATIG is a climate fintech that is within your fingertips’ reach – bringing everyone to take actionable solutions against climate change.

CLIMATIG helps asset owners, investors, and businesses reduce the heavy aftermath of extreme weather events through:

  • assessing properties’ vulnerability to severe weather;
  • generating accurate computations of maintenance & repair costs;
  • helping stakeholders to make smarter decisions based on science-backed predictions.

Who can use a CI platform? 

To further combat the pressing issues of climate change action is required at all levels from the national government, and private sectors, to citizens. Climate Intelligence also helps maximise opportunities in the following climate-sensitive economic sectors: 

Bankers –  Climate change imperils financial institutions as the devastation of infrastructures like power plants, buildings, roads, etc., where they are invested in or responsible for, will result in market volatility and market default.  CLIMATIG can help banks keep their balance sheets intact in the face of climate change. Significantly, CLIMATIG can calculate, assess, and visualise climate risks that banks’ investors & customers must prepare for.

Insurers – In the insurance world, its impact will likely be similarly widespread, ranging from automating underwriting and claims to improving customer service and damage assessment.  With CLIMATIG, insurers can narrow the protection gap by providing accurately priced policies— protecting customers, the economy, and their balance sheets.

Real Estate CLIMATIG can help real estate players identify mispriced assets, find resilient properties, and maintain existing assets amidst climate hazards. CLIMATIG can also influence decision-makers in investing in properties that can withstand climate change.

Local Government CLIMATIG can move government agencies to action by helping them identify, measure, and analyze climate risks; cutting down on years worth of research & manpower needed to start protecting supply chains, infrastructure, and properties (both private & public).

AgricultureCLIMATIG helps the sector protect its yield, crop & storage facilities against climate change. The farming industry can use AI-powered platforms to generate cost predictions, optimize resilience planning, and analyze how climate hazards are set to affect operating costs.

Facility Managers – CLIMATIG enables facility managers to transform buildings into safe, resilient, and efficient facilities against extreme weather events. By integrating climate-intelligent solutions, facilities managers can adapt and respond to ever-changing environmental conditions in the long term.

CitizensCLIMATIG helps ordinary citizens to keep their home’s maintenance costs in check so they can protect their families and assets against extreme weather events. CLIMATIG provides climate risk management for homes in Europe.

There is no silver bullet to eradicate climate change, but climate intelligence platforms like CLIMATIG enable effective and efficient solutions at scale. 

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