Addressing Heatwaves in Europe with Climate Tech

firefighter fighting forrest fire

According to Reuters, climate change makes heat waves hotter and more frequent.

This is the case for most land regions and has been confirmed by the U.N.’s global panel of climate scientists (IPCC).

A study in the journal Nature this month found that heatwaves in Europe have increased three-to-four times faster than in other northern mid-latitudes such as the United States. The drastic impact of climate change in Europe recently manifested through scorching weather and the rage of forest fires across Europe this summer.

In devastating and life-threatening situations like this, how can climate tech help alleviate the effects of and adapt to the record-breaking Europe heat waves?

Europe Heat Waves in the Summer of 2022:

A high-pressure system is levitating in the atmosphere over Europe, trapping the heat in; a climate change effect often called a “heat dome”. On Monday, July 18, 2022, CNBC reported over 350 deaths in Spain from high temperatures. Meanwhile, in Portugal, nearly 240 deaths have been confirmed by their high officials due to increasing high temperatures, which reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit during the early weeks of July 2022.

In Italy, the intense heat was a significant factor in the July 3 collapse of a portion of the Marmolada Glacier in the Dolomites. The avalanche of snow, ice, and rock killed 11 hikers. In the U.K., the Met Office issued extreme heat or amber warnings as temperatures are expected to continuously climb, possibly breaking all-time highs. Heat waves in Europe countries along with the exceedingly dry weather have already caused major problems, the UK has declared several significant incidents as fires scorched many regions, even the capital, London, after the country recorded its hottest temperature ever. 

Extreme summer temperatures, accompanied by the effects of numerous and longer-lasting droughts make it faster for fires to spark and spread.

The wildfire season itself has also become wider. Firefighters in Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and Morocco are battling forest fires raging across tens of thousands of hectares: 

  • Portugal: ​​A total of 39,550 hectares (98,000 acres) was ravaged by wildfires between the start of the year and mid-June, more than triple the area in the same period last year
  • Spain: A fire that started in June 2022 in the province of Zamora was driven by a record-breaking heat wave. It scorched at least 25,000 hectares (61,000 acres).  More than 6,000 people were evacuated from 32 villages in the area 
  • France: Firefighters in the coastal town of Arcachon in France’s south-western Gironde region were fighting to control two forest blazes that have destroyed more than 10,000 hectares (24,700 acres)
  • Greece: A wildfire in mountains near Athens, forced hundreds of people to flee 
  • Morocco: Several fires started erupting on July 13 in the provinces of Larache, Ouezzane and Tetouan.

How can climate tech mitigate the effects of Heatwaves in Europe?

The recent heatwaves and drought in Europe have caused forest fires across the region, which forced the residents to leave their homes and lose their livelihood. What’s even worse is the loss of lives caused by climate change.

Addressing climate change with the advancement of technology can give people the opportunity to take measures against the threats of climate risks. 

  • CLIMATIG is a climate technology that uses climate intelligence as a solution to help businesses, investors, and even ordinary citizens to prepare for climate risks and alleviate the effects of climate change.  
  • CLIMATIG can help homeowners to evaluate if a property is prone to be hit by climate risks. With accurate data and reliable forecasts, consumers will be equipped with figures and information that will help in their decision-making prior to investing in their property.
  • CLIMATIG can help individuals to prepare for the cost of climate risks. Budgeting becomes easier when you truly understand the risks you should plan for. It is essential to be financially ready to adapt to the effects of climate change. With CLIMATIG, you can easily measure possible damages and manage your savings accordingly.
  • CLIMATIG can keep everyone aware of the current climate situation. CLIMATIG is an accessible climate intelligence platform where anyone (yes, even a non-tech-savvy individual) can run numbers, generate reports, and access explainable analytics.
  • CLIMATIG allows everyone to discover concrete ways to cope with climate change and make a difference with just a few clicks through your smartphones.


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